Data Archive

Here you can find an archive of interesting and odd alarms!

  • 07/05/22 15:40 – Squires Student Center – Golf Cart Fire
  • 08/31/21 6:42 PM – Creativity and Innovation District – simultaneous tornado warning and fire alarm
  • 06/11/21 7:42 PM – Newman Hall – after losing power the backup generator started up and promptly caught fire
  • February or March of 2021 – Cochrane Hall – “a massive wad of panties had overpowered the washing machine motor during the spin cycle”
  • 10/31/20 – New Res East – Burnt mask in microwave
  • 2019-2020 – Hoge Hall – elevator started smoking while I was in it, fire alarm triggered not long after I got off…. good times
  • “Years and years ago” – West AJ – simultaneous tornado warning and fire alarm
  • Sometime between the hours of midnight and 9:01am on Cinco de Mayo 2023, someone crapped in front of the elevator in Pritchard