Hall with the most alarms this semester:

About Us:

Firewatch at Virginia Tech is a club that keeps track of fire alarms and similar events around campus and Blacksburg in an effort to reduce these occurrences . Most of our data comes from reports by students living in the residence halls. If you have something you would like to report to us, or are just interested in the club, join our Discord Server using the button below!

Alarm Heatmap:

Residence Halls by time since last alarm:

Alarms listed under each hall are this semester only. Dorms with zero alarms have not had a fire alarm reported to us this semester.

Firewatch at Virginia Tech does not condone the pulling of fire alarms without cause, arson, vandalism, or any other illegal acts. According to Virginia State Code 18.2-212, falsely activating a fire alarm is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Any content shared to the Firewatch at Virginia Tech Discord server or social media that depicts these activities will be deleted and potentially forwarded to Student Conduct or the Virginia Tech Police Department.