Welcome to our awards!

You can nominate your or other halls by voting in our discord! Three awards are given out at the end of each semester, “current” awards will be given after finals of the current semester. “Upcoming” awards are those that will be given out at the end of next semester.

Current Awards:

Most disruptive alarm timing

Have a fire alarm during your quiz? 2am before finals? Something worse? Nominate your hall for this award!

The Creativity and Innovation District

Most alarms during welcome week

“Its gonna be a long year…”


Most alarms triggered by smoking/vaping.

Upcoming Awards:


This hall had the closest consecutive alarms this semester!

Most alarms during finals

This hall had the most alarms during finals!

Most quiet hall

This hall had the least amount of alarms this semester!

Past Awards:

No awards have been archived yet!